Our gregarious river hippos seem to delight in entertaining and observing visitors who come to see them in their luxurious pool. Great eye-to-nostril encounters are possible through the special underwater viewing window. This state-of-the-art pool lets you see hippos in all their glory, from above and below, whether in the water or out!

The fish you see in the pool are tilapia. They help keep the water clean by eating the hippos’ dung and scraping away algae. The fish even give the hippos a “massage” by scraping away old skin.

Did you know? Hippos can’t swim—or float! Instead, they move around by pushing off from the bottom of the river or simply walking along the riverbed in a slow-motion gallop, lightly touching the bottom with their toes, which are slightly webbed, like aquatic ballet dancers. An adult hippo can hold its breath underwater for up to 30 minutes.

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