Hummingbirds include the smallest birds in the world. Found in tropical rain forests as well as deserts, mountains, and plains, their name refers to the humming sound made by their tiny, beating wings. Each species creates a different humming sound, depending on the speed of its wing beats.

Being inside the Zoo’s Hummingbird House is almost like being in a fairy world, watching colorful little creatures flitting by your face while surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful, exotic plants. You may see the birds nest, feed, or bathe—they like to shower several times a day. Sometimes they sit in shallow water and splash; other times they perch next to the falls and flap their wings and ruffle their feathers in the spray.

Other delicate avian species live here, too. Sit along the edge of the Hummingbird House and admire the activity of the birds. It truly is an enchanted world.

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