Lion-tailed Macaque

They grimace at their keepers and have been known to trash their exhibit. But lion-tailed macaques are strikingly beautiful animals and one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Their name comes from the tuft on their tail, similar to a lion’s, and their beautiful silvery “mane” that helps protect them from showers in their native rain forest habitat in India.

Three viewing areas offer opportunities to observe the macaques. The troop is fun to watch as members stroll along the logs and rope bridges of their large enclosure, sway on one of the cut-wood swings, or lounge in the rope hammock. No two macaques are alike: each has its own personality.

Lion-tailed macaques were the first primate species to be studied by our researchers, starting in 1979. One of the first things we learned? Do not house adult males together; this will avoid lots of tension and injuries!

Conservation Status

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