Macaws are the giants of the parrot family. They are famous for their bright colors. Their red, yellow, green, and/or blue feathers seem bold and eye-catching to us but actually blend in well with the green leaves, red and yellow fruits, and bluish shadows of their rain forest home.

A large, powerful beak allows the macaw to crush nuts and seeds. Its tongue is dry, slightly scaly, and has a bone inside it, all of which makes it an excellent tool for breaking open and eating food. Macaws have strong, flexible toes that are used like hands to grasp nuts or a perch.

You’ll find macaws perched just outside the Rio—The 4-D Adventure venue in the Children’s Zoo. And just before the Zoo opens each day, you can see a small flock of macaws fly across the Zoo’s front plaza. You may hear them before you see them!

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