Can I get to the parks using public transportation?

The quickest way to the Zoo from the San Diego International Airport is by taxi, an 11-minute, 5-mile ride.  Amtrak railway service (800-872-7245) travels up and down the coast between Los Angeles and downtown San Diego, stopping in Oceanside. Once your train arrives in San Diego, the quickest way to the Zoo from the Santa Fe Depot is by taxi, a 9-minute, 3 1/2-mile ride.

A light rail service called the Sprinter travels between Oceanside and Escondido, approximately 22 miles. Once you arrive at the downtown Escondido Transit Center via the Sprinter, the quickest way to the Safari Park is by taxi, an 11-minute, 7-mile ride. You can find more information about the Sprinter on the web at or by calling 760-967-2001.

Information about public bus transportation can be found on the web at or by calling 619-233-3004. The #7 bus stops at the Zoo. There is one public bus that stops at the Safari Park; however, depending upon your departure point, connecting schedules may mean a travel time of approximately 25 minutes from the Escondido Transit Center and up to 3 hours each way from San Diego. Bus service is very limited on weekends and holidays.  Overall, the easiest way to reach the Safari Park is by car.

Useful information can be obtained from the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, 619-232-3101. The Visitor Information Center can be reached at 619-276-8200. Another source of information is the San Diego North County Visitor Bureau, which can be reached at 800-848-3336.

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