Can I hold my military reenlistment ceremony at the Zoo?

Yes, with guidelines.

Based upon the large military presence in San Diego County, the San Diego Zoo handles such requests in two ways:

1.  You have the option to formally book a specific event with our Event Sales department.  This is the only way you may “reserve” a specific space (for a fee) and have exclusive use of that space for your purposes.  Event Sales may be contacted directly via phone at (619) 685-3259 or via email at


2.  You may contact us regarding your plans and you will be informed of the following guidelines:

-Prior notification is appreciated, but should not to be construed as a formal reservation or approval of your planned gathering;

-When visiting the Zoo for any reason, all guests must have a valid form of entry (i.e. Active Duty ID, valid admission ticket or current membership);

-No exhibit space or room will be reserved for the exclusive use for your ceremony;

-The Panda Exhibit may never be used as a back-drop for such a ceremony or activity;

-The duration of any activity should be limited to no more than 5 - 10 minutes;

- Any related activity may not--for any amount of time--block any exhibit area or pathway that in any way inhibits use by other Zoo guests or staff.


Thank you for your service to our country.


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