What if the printed expiration date on the Guest Admission coupons does not match the expiration date of my membership?

Unused Guest Admission coupons issued in conjunction with the current membership term will be accepted through the current expiration date of the associated membership.  For example, a member's current coupons have a printed expiration date of 7/19/18 and their current membership term expires on 9/30/18.  Their unused Guest Admission coupons will be accepted through 9/30/18.  (Memberships always expire on the last day of the month, regardless of the day you joined.)

For coupons printed prior to September 6, 2017, the expiration date printed on member Guest Admission coupons was always 365 days from the date the coupon was printed and did not always match the associated membership's expiration date.  For example, members who renewed early or purchased prior to the last day of a month received Guest Admission coupons on which the printed expiration date did not match the actual expiration date of the associated membership.   Members who join or renew on or after September 6, 2017 will receive Guest Admission coupons that expire on the associated membership's expiration date.

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