Turtle & Terrapin

What’s not to like about turtles? In the Zoo’s Discovery Outpost, a large pond habitat features narrow-headed softshell turtles, painted terrapins, stripe-necked turtles, Fly River turtles, and a Malaysian giant turtle named The General, who was rescued from a shipment destined for an Asian food market. The turtles in this large pond can be seen swimming around the exhibit, with great views available through the underwater viewing window. When not swimming, they often practice their “submarine" imitation, rising slowly to the surface to take a breath before sinking again in exactly the same spot, as bubbles come up around them. In Lost Forest, you’ll find more turtles and terrapins. (Terrapins spend time both on land and in water, but always live near water, along rivers, ponds, and lakes.) And at the Zoo’s Reptile House, you'll find huge alligator snapping turtles. They are all great fun to watch!

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