Early Morning with Pandas

Be the first to greet our pandas in the morning!

Here’s your chance to visit our giant panda viewing area before it officially opens for the day! This new, small-group tour starts before the Zoo opens, so you can watch pandas Xiao Liwu (pictured), Bai Yun, and/or Gao Gao enjoying their breakfast. Get the latest info on our popular bamboo bears!

The Early Morning with Pandas is a two-hour adventure that also includes a tour around the Zoo in a shuttle cart, with stops to visit some of our other animals up close. Discover how the Zoo works to accomplish its goals of wildlife conservation and education.

See the Zoo the way everyone wishes they could, starting with this special opportunity to view the pandas!

At a Glance

Daily, 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.
2 hours
Age Interest: 


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