A pair of spotted-necked otters laying in grass near a driftwood log.


At A Glance

  • Conservation Status: Stable
  • Location: Lost Forest
  • ZOO ZONE: Lost Forest

    One of the best places to watch inter-species interactions is at the otter and monkey exhibit along Hippo Trail. You can see swamp and spot-nosed monkeys play “grab-the-tail” with spotted-necked otters, groom them, and occasionally even hitch a quick ride on an otter as it swims by! A pedestrian bridge goes between the exhibits so you can see otter/monkey action on either side. One of the exhibit’s pools is right up against the viewing glass, so you may see an otter gliding past you. Intelligent and curious, otters are usually busy hunting, investigating, or playing with something. They like to throw and bounce things, wrestle, twirl, and chase their tail—or that of their monkey “roommates.” They also play games of tag and chase each other, both in the water and on the ground.

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