Zoo Education

Zoo Education


  • Check out our programs designed specially for teens.

  • Young children observing skink as it crawls on floor.

    Check out our new KinderZoo program, specially designed for kids ages 3 to 5.

  • Children at a birthday party

    Celebrate your child’s birthday with this once-in-a-lifetime Australian adventure!

  • Meerkat pups

    Admission is FREE to the Zoo for all students in San Diego County during the traditional school year. Here's how to plan your field trip.

  • Binturong

    Videoconferences are available with San Diego Zoo educators on a variety of topics. Animal presentations by our education staff can cover several animal and conservation subjects, including:

  • Young girl carrying sleeping bag

    This overnight educational camping adventure is designed for school, scout, and youth groups and can be adapted to host participants enrolled in grades K-12. Sleepover activities are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Each sleepover program includes:

  • Our programs align with the new Next Generation Science and Common Core State Standards. We can bring wildlife, fun, and learning right to your school!

  • Join us online as Zoo InternQuest reports their discoveries while exploring the world of specialized careers in wildlife conservation at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

  • Get ready for an adventure like no other during the Zoo's Summer Camp!

  • Add a touch of the WILD to your class and experience one of the Safari Park’s amazing education programs!

  • Penguin swimming underwater

    Wildlife and conservation related activities you can use in your classroom, in conjunction with or without a visit to the San Diego Zoo.

  • California condor

    Use your neighboring San Diego Zoo or San Diego Zoo Safari Park as an educational resource! To better serve our student community, the former College Study Pass has been retired and replaced with additional admission options.