Dr. Zoolittle


Learn about animals and their lifestyles

The San Diego Zoo is bringing the Zoo to you, through San Diego Zoo Kids Corner! In each episode, you'll be taken on a fun and wild adventure to learn more about animals and their lifestyles. Every week, Dr. Zoolittle, Roberta the Zebra, and a cast of cool characters will be sharing stories, jokes, poems, songs, and interesting facts about wildlife. They will also show you their favorite magic tricks, cook yummy treats, lead you through science experiments, and demonstrate how to make special crafts. Make sure to catch all 16 episodes!

Animal Builders

Learn how animals design and build their habitats.

Animal Habitats

Learn about the four elements that make up an animal's habitat.

Designing Zoo Habitats

Learn how wildlife care specialists design and build habitats for animals living in zoos.

Misunderstood Meat Eaters

Learn about carnivores and why they are important to ecosystems.

Animal Upbringings

Discover what it’s like to grow up in different animal families.

Winter Wardrobes

Find out how animals keep warm when the weather gets icy cold.

Aquatic Locomotors

Learn about different aquatic habitats around the world and the creatures that live in them.

Wildlife Connections

Discover how animals create connections!

Helping Animals

Find out how zoos take care of baby animals.

Nature’s Stoolbox

Discover how poop helps animals thrive and survive.

Prehistoric Party

Find out what traits that modern animals share with the dinosaurs.  

Cutting-edge Camouflage

Discover how camouflage helps animals survive.   

Ocean Invertebrates


Learn about invertebrates that live in the ocean and traits that help them thrive. 


Discover how these amazing animals live in water and on land.   

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