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Conservation Career Quest

At A Glance

This program is currently on hold. For more information, please email EducationZoo@sdzwa.org.

  • Teens
  • 11th or 12th grade year
  • Future Wildlife Conservationists

    Conservation Career Quest is a career exploration program for San Diego County high school 11th and 12th grade students interested in pursuing a profession in wildlife conservation. Students have the rare opportunity to learn from our experts in pathology, genetics, veterinary medicine, animal behavior, reproductive physiology, ecology, zoology, horticulture, and more, by visiting the areas where they spend their day. Students focus on teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication. Students are responsible for transportation to and from each of the Zoo locations for the duration of the program.



    • Students apply in the spring of their sophomore or junior year and participate the following school year.
    • Students must have a 3.0 (B) grade point average or better.
    • Students must demonstrate a commitment to conservation and the environment.
    • Students must be available for the full duration of the program time. This is non-negotiable. 

    • Two letters of recommendation are required: one from a science instructor and a second from a teacher, career counselor, school administrator, or other adult who can recommend the applicant for this program.
    • The application includes two writing prompts.
    • Student writing samples will be critiqued for accuracy, quality, style, content, and grammar.


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