Spy kid and koala.
April 3–19

Virtual Mission: Spring Break

The Zoo is currently closed, but you can stay connected to wildlife—and have fun! Join us on a Virtual Mission: Spring Break April 3–19 through these activities.

Child outdoors looking at a leaf under a magnifying glass.

101 Things to Do

Calling all kids; we've created a list of 101 missions for you to accomplish! You can do some from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Others can be done in your backyard, from a window, or on a walk through your neighborhood. You can choose to print the page and cross them off as you succeed, or keep a list of your own.

Smiling sloth.

Wildlife Talks

Enjoy Facebook Live talks by our wildlife care experts and the animals they know so well. If you miss it live, you can watch it later in the day on our Facebook page.

April 16, 10 a.m. Elephants*

*Featured animal and event time to change based on weather and animal needs.


Dancing woman with virtual dancing kangaroo.

Danceabout Australia

Mission: Boogie Down! We’re throwing an AR Kangaroo Dance Party and everyone’s invited! Head to the App Store to download San Diego Zoo Global's newest app, Danceabout Australia, and give it a whirl! Transform your living room or backyard into an outback disco with dancing kangaroos and hopping dance tracks.

Grab a friend and continue your journey to unlock new music tracks and amazing dance moves by exploring the environments you create! Experimenting with different locations is part of the fun.

Record your AR experience, share with your friends, and upload it to Instagram using #DanceaboutAustralia.

NOTE: Exclusive to the App Store, Danceabout Australia requires an ARKit compatible device.

Baby koala held by wildlife expert wearing green scrubs.

Watch Our YouTube Channels

Tune in and catch up on all our fascinating, fun, and heartwarming animal videos.

Polar bear looking up at camera

Wildlife Cams

Our livestreaming cams provide views of wildlife as they explore, eat, swing, pounce, groom, and play through their day. Catch all the action!

Child's tiger facemark, adult koala mask, child's polar bear.

Face Masks

In Child and Adult sizes!
ring-tailed lemur

Wild Adventures

Week-long and Saturday programs for kids
Mother giraffe grooming her young calf.


Knockaround sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses ($35)

Hotel with pool
Creature Comforts