San Diego Zoo Global is committed to saving species worldwide by uniting our expertise in animal care and conservation science with our dedication to inspiring passion for nature.

Learn how we are working toward that goal.


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YOU are part of our mission the moment you visit.

Each time you visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, donate to a project, purchase an item from us, or share what you know about wildlife and conservation, you help us take another step in achieving our mission.


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The Human-Animal Connection

For more than a century, people have flocked to the San Diego Zoo to discover animals. The Zoo connects people with wildlife to inspire a passion for nature.

Picture the wide-eyed wonder on a child’s face upon meeting a living, breathing giraffe, something she's only seen on a digital screen before. Or the wonder of encountering a penguin that is looking at you with the same curiosity you have about him. These are the moments that tell the story of the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. It is these connections that spark the desire to protect and save species.


rhinos and giraffes at the Safari Park

Our Commitment to Wildlife

The Zoo and Safari Park are protected havens where breeding and caring for endangered species can help protect against extinction.

They provide opportunities for animal behavior and health studies that would be difficult, if not impossible, to conduct in the wild. The results of these studies are shared with other zoos and wildlife parks, and help guide animal conservation efforts in field projects.

The expertise of the animal care staff, veterinarians, nutritionists, horticulturists, and conservation scientists who work with our animals at the Zoo and Safari Park is an invaluable asset that can inform challenges animals face in the wild.


  • california condor


    Species San Diego Zoo Global has released back into the wild.

  • rhino


    Rhinos born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

  • giant panda


    Years the San Diego Zoo has conducted giant panda research.


    map showing global project locations

    San Diego Zoo Global in the Field

    By uniting our expertise in conservation science with our dedication to inspiring a passion for nature, San Diego Zoo Global is committed to saving wildlife worldwide.

    San Diego Zoo Global field projects take our researchers to sites around the world, working with local people, fellow conservation scientists, partner organizations, and government agencies.

    These projects are located in the heart of regions with some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet, from the rain forests of the Amazon to the savannas of Africa, and from the jungles of Indonesia to the tundra of the Arctic. Our goal is to save the unique species that live there for future generations.

  • suitcase


    Countries that San Diego Zoo Global has conservation projects in.

  • hands


    Partners that San Diego Zoo Global collaborates with.

  • field station


    Conservation field stations that San Diego Zoo Global operates.


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    San Diego Zoo Global in the Lab

    The science of saving species is an essential part of San Diego Zoo Global’s approach to conservation.

    The expertise, knowledge, and dedication of our conservation scientists are vital to the fight to end extinction. Their home base is the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, the largest zoo-based, multidisciplinary research facility in the world. For more than 40 years, our scientists have been at work solving conservation challenges, including everything from wildlife diseases to animal behavior to reproduction riddles.

    The Frozen Zoo, a collection of cryogenically preserved skin and reproductive cell tissues from a wide variety of animal species, is perhaps the most famous component of the Institute. Currently, a multi-year project to try to save the northern white rhino is making use of the precious resources stored there.

  • lab equipment


    Conservation scientists who work in the lab or in the field for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

  • cell and dna


    Different animal species represented in the Frozen Zoo.

  • puzzle pieces


    The number of different research teams that make up the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, including Conservation Genetics, Recovery Ecology, Disease Investigations, and Reproductive Sciences.


    Zoo educator shows a bird to three visitors

    Education Brings Hope

    Hope for a brighter future—for wildlife and people—is at the heart of all we do. 

    Wildlife conservation cannot succeed without the understanding and commitment of people. As wildlife and wild habitats are facing increasing pressures worldwide, organizations like San Diego Zoo Global must lead the way in wildlife conservation education. San Diego Zoo Global conducts science and conservation education programs at the Zoo, Safari Park, and Institute; in school classrooms; through our websites and broadcast programming; in teacher training and colleague exchanges; and through informal community outreach in countries where we are working on field projects. In all of these, we foster conservation curiosity, connection, and understanding through active engagement with wildlife and the natural world.

  • stack of books


    Continents where San Diego Zoo Global conducts education outreach programs. This includes Peru, Central Africa, Southeast Asia, East Africa, Mexico, Madagascar, and Fiji, among other places.

  • school building


    Students in education programs at the Zoo and Safari Park who come from Title I schools.

  • san diego zoo kids website

    300 (and counting!)

    Hospitals and other facilities showing the San Diego Zoo Kids television channel. San Diego Zoo Kids reaches children globally through the website at kids.sandiegozoo.org, and helps young patients in hospitals through our programming on the San Diego Zoo Kids channel—a television adventure network that brings the Zoo to children when they need it most.


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