Camels were domesticated more than 3,000 years ago, yet humans still depend on them for transport across arid environments. They can easily carry extra weight while walking miles a day in the desert. Camels can travel as fast as horses but can also endure legendary periods of time without food or water. Humans have used camels for their wool, milk, meat, leather, and dung, which can be used for fuel. Our camels have it easy! The Bactrian or two-humped camel lives along Center Street and enjoys shady trees and logs perfect for the occasional itch. Those come in handy when he sheds his heavy winter coat in favor of a sleek summer one. Some of our camels are trained to take strolls around the Zoo with their keepers! Look for dromedary or one-humped camels in Elephant Odyssey. Did you know? The camel’s hump is filled with fat, not water.

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