At first glance, African elephants look similar to Asian elephants, but they are different species that live in different parts of the world. Yet in Elephant Odyssey, you can see both species! How to tell them apart? African elephants have very large ears that are shaped like the continent of Africa, while Asian elephants have smaller ears. Also, an Asian elephant's back is rounded, but an African elephant's back has a dip or sway in it. Their trunks are a little different, too: African elephants have two “fingers” at the end of their trunk; Asian elephants have one. A wonderful feature of Elephant Odyssey is our Elephant Care Center, where you may watch keepers scrubbing an elephant’s foot or observe a training session. It’s a great place to chat with our keepers, too. Be sure to check out the life-size statues of wooly mammoths for some great photo ops!

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