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Put Your Passion for Wildlife to Work

Our San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) family is frequently asked, "What's it like to work for SDZG?" or "How would you describe the culture of SDZG?" We decided to investigate these questions thoroughly and ask our employees how they should be answered.

We solicited feedback from dozens of SDZG employees, from new hires to long-tenured employees to recent departures from our organization to learn what really defines the SDZG employment experience.

Based on the results, we have created the following "Put Your Passion for WIldlife to Work" value statements, encapsulating what it's like to work for San Diego Zoo Global:

  • Our employees are extremely passionate and engaged and are proud of our work in conservation, our mission and vision, and our animals and plants.
  • People apply to work for SDZG because of what we do. And once hired, they stay for a very long time.
  • SDZG offers incredible perks and benefits and treats its employees well.
  • What our employees are most pleased with is the people they work with. We have a true team/family spirit.
  • We provide a beautiful and inspiring work environment for our employees.
  • Friends and family of our employees are proud, impressed, and very envious. It's a cool place to work!

Here's what our employees are saying about working with us:

"I come to work knowing that the job I do has a purpose for the rest of the world."

"I am proud of what we at SDZG do; I do my best work supporting our mission."

"I have a passion for wildlife and conservation and feel that my job has something to do with being able to share that passion and educate others."

"I love what we do for the animals! And not just in our organization but around the world. Our commitment to animals is astounding."

"The atmosphere, being around the animals and beautiful grounds, makes me grateful to work here. I am also blessed to work for a great department. My managers and supervisors respect me and treat me very well, which makes me want to do my best. Overall, the people here are the nicest I have ever worked with, especially for such a large organization."

"What is there not to like? The environment, employees, and opportunity to work for a world-class organization that is constantly on the cutting edge in all aspects of its operation."

"My friends and family are happy that I am part of such an organization. They are all very supportive."

"People are excited to hear that I work at the Zoo and usually want to share a personal story or memory they have."

"My friends and family feel this is a fantastic place to work and would love to also be a part of this organization. They request updates on what is happening at the Zoo and Safari Park on a regular basis. They think I have one of the best jobs in the world."

"SDZG has put together great programs to train, engage, and recognize our employees. We also give employees an opportunity to give feedback on their job satisfaction, and we try to make changes and improvements. My department does a lot to recognize and value team members."

"My career path at SDZG is to move into a management position and to do my part in continuing to strive positively with the SDZG mission."

"Able to use my intellect fully, pullling upon my past education and experience."

"I like that I am challenged on a daily basis in my current role and trusted to manage my workload independently."

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