Meerkat stands on a rock, looking at camera


  • Location: Africa Rocks
  • Conservation Status: Stable
  • Most people know meerkats from the character Timon in The Lion King movie. However, instead of spending their time with a warthog, real meerkats live in underground burrows in a group—up to 30 individuals—called a gang or a mob and spend much of their time grooming and playing together to keep the family as a tight unit. Our busy mob has plenty of room to dig endless tunnels; the exhibit features plenty of dirt as well as logs and rocks for climbing and scampering, bushes to hide under, and two artificial termite mounds that are often filled with tasty meerkat treats! See if you can find a meerkat on guard duty, perched on top of a termite mound, scanning the sky for potential danger. Sun seekers extraordinaire, you’ll often find the meerkats basking in a sunny spot, bellies fully exposed to the warming rays. Now that’s the life!

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