Bird flies in front of studens in Wegaforth Bowl.

Student & Youth Groups

School & Youth Programs


Visit the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers website for wildlife- and conservation-related activities you can use in your classroom, in conjunction with or without a visit to the San Diego Zoo.

On-site Field Trips

Student & Youth Group field trip reservations are now available!

Grant-funded Programs

Learn more about our grant-funded programs for San Diego County school students, Kindergarten–Grade 5.

Recorded Field Trip

This 22-minute, narrated exploration of the San Diego Zoo is the perfect way for you and your students to see the San Diego Zoo, from the safety and comfort of your own home or classroom!

Student Discount

Check out the membership discounts available for students 18 and older.

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Groom and bride embracing as a giraffe looks on in the distance.
Wild Weddings

Picture Your Special Day at the Park!

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