Snow leopard walks twoards the camera.

Snow Leopard

At A Glance

  • Location: Center Street
  • Conservation Status: Threatened
  • Can you guess why the snow leopard is sometimes called the ghost cat? Other leopards have orange or dark brown fur with black spots, but the snow leopard’s smoky gray color and blurred black markings make it look very different. This unique coloring helps the cat blend into its stony, mountain habitat. Snow leopards live in Asia at very high elevations where there are steep cliffs. The wild goats and sheep they prey on are quite nimble at leaping from rock to rock—and so are snow leopards! The cat's huge paws have fur on the bottom that gives the leopard traction on the snow and protection from sharp rocks. The snow leopard's long, thick, and luxurious tail acts as a built-in comforter when the cat wraps it around its body for added warmth. That tail is almost as long as its body!

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