Terrace lagoon and gardens at the San Diego Zoo.

Terrace Lagoon

At A Glance

  • Location: Lost Forest
  • Unless you have dined at the Lagoon Terrace or met in the Rondavel meeting room, you may not even be aware of the lovely garden surrounding the Terrace Lagoon. The entrance, like that of Fern Canyon, is purposely inconspicuous, to keep the garden lagoon secluded and tranquil. Plant lovers, however, would do well to seek out the Terrace Lagoon's beautiful collection of bamboo, Asian pines, and flowering trees and shrubs.

    There's almost always something blooming in the Terrace Lagoon. A Japanese maple Acer palmatumhas leaves that turn a beautiful shade of auburn in the fall. A purple-blossomed lily magnolia Magnolia quinquepeta 'Nigra' graft has a longer blooming period than its common, white-blooming cousins; the tree usually blooms through spring and summer. A lavender trumpet tree Tabebuia impetiginosa is a late-winter bloomer that sometimes blooms again in late summer or early fall. And with its romantically drooping blue-green foliage, the Kashmir cypress Cupressus himalaica var. darjeelingensis lends a certain enchantment to the atmosphere of the Terrace Lagoon. 

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