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Earth Day

April 22, 2021

Join San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance in celebrating Earth Day on April 22, 2021!

Together, we are working toward a world where all life thrives.

Special Earth Day Activities at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Celebrate Earth Day by visiting the San Diego Zoo or San Diego Zoo Safari Park on April 22! As the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, we are working to inspire and nurture your passion for nature every day. Together, let’s work toward a world where all life thrives. Get your tickets and make reservations today!

San Diego Zoo: Experience the wonders of wildlife from around the world, plus appearances by Dr. Harry and Friends, go on a mission with Dr. Zoolittle, and watch incredible acrobats bend and flip. 

San Diego Zoo Safari Park: Stroll through our Native Nectar Garden, visit with Safari Parker and Robert the Zebra, and check out performances by amazing inline skaters and insect-inspired hip-hop dancers. 

Virtual Earth Day Activities

Baby rhino Edward, with mother at Rhino Rescue Center.

Saving Wildlife Worldwide

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance leads innovative conservation work in eight regions around the world. We collaborate with partners and local communities in these regions to not only protect wildlife, but also local communities and their shared environment. Explore our conservation work, focus species, and the ways you can help.

Explore Our Conservation Work

Giraffe family walking in front of African acacia tree.

Take Action

Our vision is a world where all life thrives. Small changes made by each of us add up to a big impact. Click here to use your voice to slow climate change, stop wildlife trafficking, and protect natural habitats this Earth Day!


Take Action for Wildlife

Polar Bear in water.

Research and Record

Observe wildlife like a professional! One way that field researchers identify, count, and understand animals is by looking at views collected on trail cameras. Then, they make an ethogram—a chart to record what they see. You can do the same thing.  

Download this ethogram form and start by viewing one (or more!) of our livestreaming cams. Watch and record what you see as our wildlife explore, eat, swing, roll, pounce, and play throughout their day.

Girl taking photo of green leaves.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take pictures or observe nature through a window, in your yard, or on a walk. What type of nature do you see—clouds, trees, flowers, or animals? What do you smell, feel, or hear? Download this journal sheet and record your observations. Keep taking notes each day, and notice the changes you record.

Little girl holding up cut-out tree shape.

Especially for Kids

Kids are great at reusing and recycling things that others might throw out, cluttering our planet. Here are a couple of ideas you might not have tried yet.

Welcome lizards into your yard.

Reduce food waste and make something yummy.

Protective cloth facemasks featuring save the chubby unicorns, safari park gorilla, and centennial lion designs.

Face Masks

In Child and Adult sizes!
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New for Spring

Baby Boom at Zoo and Park


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Creature Comforts