neon elephant
October 9–11; 16–18; and 23–25


Activities start at 5 p.m.

Plan to join us for three weekends in October filled with glowing fun, giggles, and grins—October 9–11, 16–18, and 23–25—with activities starting at 5 p.m. We've designed the entertainment to allow for social distancing, so you can have fun safely. Kids 11 and younger can come in costumes that align with our guidelines. HalGLOWeen is included in all memberships and all admission tickets.


Young children enjoying a glow-in-the-dark bubble dance party.

Bubble Dance Party

Get into the groove and move to fun Halloween tunes, as bursts of bubbles bob and float around you.

Python path sign

Python Path

Make your way through freaky fog and spooky sounds to discover surprising sights, like slithering snakes (behind glass).


Dr. Zoolittle

Dr. Zoolittle's Mask-erade

Our Maestro of Fun has plenty of grins, giggles, and tricks up his sleeves!

Glow0in-the-dark acrobats

Acro-Catz and Acro-Batz

You won't believe what these acrobats can do!

Organ player.

Dusty Keys—Tunes from Beyond

Nothing conjures that Halloween feeling like organ music— get in the spooky mood as our talented keyboardist makes magic on a full organ.

DJ equipment

San Diego Zoo Rock Radio 201.8

Our delightful DJ keeps the atmosphere upbeat, with fun patter and fresh tunes flowing.

Guitar lit up by stage lights.

Skeleton Trio

No bones about it, our lively Skeleton Band Trio will get you in the HalGLOWeen mood.

Protective cloth facemasks featuring save the chubby unicorns, safari park gorilla, and centennial lion designs.

Face Masks

In Child and Adult sizes!
Amur leopard

Vanishing Beauty

The fight to save the Amur leopard.
Gift card in holiday wrap with sloth plush

Free sloth plush

With $50 Gift Card Purchase
Hotel with pool
Creature Comforts