Inside Look Tours


The Inside Look Tour is a two-hour entertaining and educational adventure offering special behind-the-scenes views and interesting information about how we take care of our animals. It is filled with experiences and stories you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be part of a small group traveling the Zoo on foot and in a shuttle cart visiting off-exhibit areas. See the Zoo the way everyone wishes they could—from behind the scenes! Which Inside Look will you choose?

Inside Look: Surprise

No matter where you go or what you see, this tour is guaranteed to thrill and amaze you! During your surprise tour, you will have special experiences behind-the-scenes at two different animal exhibits, plus a brief stop at our giant panda exhibit.
For all ages.

Inside Look: Penguins & Friends

two penguins viewed under waterGet a great view of our African penguin colony, as you visit their brand-new exhibit! This tour includes special private viewing of the penguin beach and nesting area. You'll get the inside scoop on how we care for these unique birds, and learn how we are working to conserve them in the wild. Enjoy other unique animal experiences as you tour the Zoo with one of our knowledgeable guides!
For all ages.

Inside Look: Koalas & Friends

We have the largest koala colony outside of Australia! Step inside the Queenslander House to see where their fresh eucalyptus browse is stored and where keepers prepare food for the other animals in our Outback. Meet a friend of the koala that lives in the same habitat, get the inside scoop on how we take care of our koalas, and learn how we are supporting their survival in the wild.
For all ages.

Inside Look: Elephants & Friends

Get the scoop on how we take care of elephants and support their survival in the wild. Tour our Elephant Care Center to see the kitchen where elephant diets are prepared and the tools keepers use to care for the elephants. Be sure to wear flat-heeled shoes for this tour!
For all ages.


Inside Look: Monkeys & Friends

Enjoy special viewing of our popular primates, as our educator guides escort you to off-exhibit areas of the Zoo. Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking to several exclusive areas during this tour. Observe some of our closest living relatives as they enjoy a special snack or explore keeper-created enrichment objects in their exhibits. See primates and their zoo friends up close, and learn about how we are working to conserve species all over the world!
For all ages.




Note: To inquire about Spanish language-only tours, please call 619-718-3000.