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The Zoo: San Diego has returned for a second season on Animal Planet and discovery+, offering an all-access look at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Follow the wildlife care specialists and veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to caring for the birds, mammals, reptiles, and aquatic wildlife that call the Zoo and Safari Park home. Don’t miss an episode! There are nine episodes in season two.

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Season 2


Episode 2-1: Baby Miracles

  • Original air date: February 6, 2021
  • River hippo, koala, elephant, Fiji iguana, Przewalski's horse, cheetah

A hippo named Funani welcomes an adorable addition to the family. A team of staff raise an orphaned koala joey named Omeo. And, after developing an innovative milk formula for elephant calves, a team travels to Kenya to monitor the results. Original short: a team of staff raise an orphaned koala joey named Omeo.

Pygmy hippo mother and calf

Episode 2-2: Mabel's Joy

Hyena brothers Puru and Tuli prepare to share a habitat with the lions. Staff are ecstatic when zebra Bacari shows signs of being pregnant, and Mabel the pygmy hippo welcomes her first bundle of joy.

Mountain lion

Episode 2-3: Cubs Come Home

A pair of rescued mountain lion cubs are ready for their new habitat. Staff celebrate when a lappet-faced vulture produces the Zoo's first egg for the species. And Nikita the white rhino undergoes an intense procedure in the hope of saving a species.


Episode 2-4: Hog Wild

After taking over the former red river hog habitat, a gazelle gives the team a big surprise. Staffers race to prepare a den when they suspect the Amur leopard Satka is pregnant, and koalas are nursed back to health after being saved from bushfires.


Episode 2-5: Cheetah on the Run

Staff develop an innovative course of treatment when cheetah Amara shows signs of injury. The Safari Park becomes host to the only pair of platypuses outside Australia. And, a new team of falcon trainers show off their skills.


Episode 2-6: Baby Wallaby Debut

When lesser flamingo eggs and chicks are being preyed upon, the team must make a nerve-wracking decision. Wallaby Thelma and her joey Everest become ambassador animals, and a new perch is created for Stuart, the young fishing cat.


Episode 2-7: Koala Boys

The Rhino Rescue Center welcomes Arthur, a southern white rhino calf. A young nyala must be hand-raised before returning to its herd, koala joeys make a big move, and Connor the Malaysian tiger struggles with strange nosebleeds.


Episode 2-8: Dining with Meerkats

The staff hopes for a mating match between the black rhino newcomers, Kendi and Aria. Meanwhile, the Zoo cares for an abandoned beaded lizard found in a local yard, a cock-of-the-rock egg hatches, and the meerkat mob are put on a new furry diet.


Episode 2-9: Abigail the Incredible

At the Safari Park, plans are made for tufted deer Poppy and Honeysuckle to meet Draco, a potential mate known for his "fangs." Brother grizzlies prep for a new diet, and century-old Galápagos tortoise Abigail undergoes a critical surgery.

Season 1


Episode 1-1: Welcome to Our World

A baby klipspringer is born on one of the coldest nights of the season and is nursed back to health, but will his mother accept him when he returns home? The California condor team at the Safari Park goes to unbelievable lengths to save this highly endangered species. Joanne, a gorilla born under difficult and unusual circumstances, turns five years old. And the wildlife care specialists and veterinary staff work together to unravel the mystery of why the rare Mangshan (Mang Mountain) pit vipers are having spinal issues. 

Galapagos tortoise

Episode 1-2: New Day for an Old Tortoise

Jaws the Galápagos tortoise isn’t feeling well, and the Zoo staff works to bring him out of his shell. Hunter the koala is ready for a mate, but are the female koalas ready for Hunter? For the first time, the Safari Park has not one but two baby giraffe calves that need to be hand-reared simultaneously. Will they also become bosom buddies? 

Cheetah cub
Season 1

Episode 1-3: Yeti and the Cubs

There will be no peace in the world for the hamadryas baboons until Impo finds his mate; luckily, San Diego Zoo wildlife care specialists have a plan. Two young cheetah cubs will soon become wildlife ambassadors with the help of their experienced canine guide, Yeti. And, it's time for the Safari Park team to reintroduce a group of burrowing owls into native habitat.

Male lion

Episode 1-4: A Lion's Tale

Safari Park wildlife care specialists prepare Aria the rambunctious black rhino for her new life in the expansive African Plains habitat, but will she heed their call? Zoo staff cares for 15-year-old legend M'bari the lion and his mate, Etosha. A vulture chick learns to eat, with the aid of a surrogate puppet. And Yara the sassy cassowary grows up and moves into her own digs at the Safari Park.

Giant panda eating bamboo

Episode 1-5: Panda-monium

  • Original air date: August 31, 2019
  • Giant panda, elephant, butterfly, zebra

The Zoo says goodbye to beloved pandas Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu as the mother and cub prepare to return to China. Older African elephant Tembo receives acupuncture for her arthritis. Butterfly Jungle at the Safari Park starts glowing with bright colors for the spring season. And, Bacari joins the zebra herd at the Safari Park—will the new guy fit in?

Mek the Tiger

Episode 1-6: Mek Comes Home

After six years away, Mek the Malayan tiger returns to the San Diego Zoo for her retirement. Two shy tree kangaroos, Spike and Polly, meet for the first time—will they be a breeding match? And, with the Children's Zoo closing for construction, wildlife care specialists have to move over 100 animals, including a herd of reluctant goats.

African penguins

Episode 1-7: Penguin Chick Swim School

Two African penguin chicks grow up and get ready to join the colony. Can the San Diego Zoo vets design a custom shoe for Felix, an excitable three-toed Baird's Tapir? And, Safari Park wildlife care specialists say goodbye to two elephant brothers off to start a new herd at a Texas zoo.

Elephant calf named Mkhaya

Episode 1-8: Mkhaya Finds Her Trunk

  • ​​​​​​​Original air date: September 21, 2019
  • African elephant, Andean bear, western lowland gorilla, coastal patch-nosed snake

Four-month-old Mkhaya, the youngest baby elephant in the Safari Park herd, learns to use her trunk. It's breeding season for Andean bears; will Alba become a first-time mom? The San Diego Zoo vets examine Mandazzi the gorilla and assist gorilla heart research. And, we join Jeff the snake chaser on the trail of the elusive coastal patch-nosed snake.

Rhino calf Edward and his mother

Episode 1-9: Miracle Calf

At the Safari Park, southern white rhino Victoria is pregnant with a very special calf—one that could hold the key to saving a species from extinction. Connor the bone-loving Malayan tiger has tooth trouble, and the San Diego Zoo vets step in to help. A new bird care specialist learns to feed the rare and somewhat intimidating shoebill. And, polar bears get a chance to exercise their hunting instincts on live prey.

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