Giant Pandas

at the San Diego Zoo

The Future is Black and White

Giant pandas are a keystone species. They’re inherently connected to the health of their delicately balanced ecosystems and the planet we all share. Together with our partners and wildlife allies like you, we’re working side by side to safeguard the future for this remarkable species and the bamboo forests they depend on.


Giant Pandas Have Arrived Safely at the San Diego Zoo

Yun Chuan and Xin Bao will spend the next several weeks acclimating to their new home and won’t be viewable to the public during this time. They’re being monitored closely by expert wildlife health and care teams who will determine when the pair are ready to meet the public.

We look forward to sharing more information—including a date and how to see the beloved pandas—as soon as it becomes available.

panda yun chuan
yun chaun

Yun Chuan

Yun Chuan is an almost five-year-old male. His mother Zhen Zhen was born in 2007 and was the fourth cub born at the San Diego Zoo. He’s identifiable by his long, slightly pointed nose.

panda xin bao

Xin Bao

Xin Bao is a nearly four-year-old female whose name means “precious treasure of prosperity and abundance.” She is best recognized by her large, round face and big, fluffy ears.

Partnering for Pandas

For 30 years, we’ve had the honor of working alongside our conservation partners in China to make a difference for giant pandas. By uniting our strengths, we’re restoring flourishing populations and healthy ecosystems so giant pandas can thrive. In the exciting next step of our partnership, we’re working to improve overall health and resilience for populations vulnerable to extinction and loss of genetic diversity.

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